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Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting Reading

See below, and remember, we are doubling as Dr. E's Greening Tips for the Common Person Blog:

Greetings from SJG – The Spelman & Johnson Group!

It is officially summer! Summer is the best time to kick off your shoes and relax with a good book. Here are a few of SJG’s suggested books to add to your summer reading list – they are available online and through your local independent bookseller or public library.
In Defense of a Liberal Education
Author:  Fareed Zakaria
Publisher:  W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., March 2015
Zakaria eloquently expounds on the virtues of a liberal arts education—how to write clearly, how to express yourself convincingly, and how to think analytically. He turns our leaders’ vocational argument on its head. American routine manufacturing jobs continue to get automated or outsourced, and specific vocational knowledge is often outdated within a few years. Engineering is a great profession, but key value-added skills you will also need are creativity, lateral thinking, design, communication, storytelling, and, more than anything, the ability to continually learn and enjoy learning—precisely the gifts of a liberal education.
The Department Chair as Transformative Diversity Leader: Building Inclusive Learning Environments in Higher Education
Authors:  Edna Chun and Alvin Evans
Publisher:  Stylus Publishing, April 2015
This book examines the multidimensional contributions that chairs make in advancing diversity within their departments and institutions in the representation of diverse faculty and staff; in tenure and promotion; curricular change; student learning outcomes; and departmental climate. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, the book analyzes predominant structural and behavioral barriers that can impede diversity progress within the academic department. It then focuses upon the opportunities and challenges chairs face in their collaborative journey with faculty and administration toward inclusive departmental and institutional practices. Each chapter provides concrete strategies that chairs can use to strengthen diversity in the academic department.
Building Academic Leadership Capacity: A Guide to Best Practices
Authors:  Walter H. Gmelch and Jeffrey L. Buller
Publisher:  Jossey-Bass, February 2015
A clear, systematic road map to effective campus leadership development, Building Academic Leadership Capacity gives institutions the knowledge they need to invest in the next generation of academic leaders. With a clear, systematic approach, this book provides insight into the elements of successful academic leadership and the training that makes it effective. Readers will explore original research that facilitates systematic, continuous program development, augmented by the authors’ own insight drawn from experience establishing such programs. Numerous examples of current campus programs illustrate the concepts in action, and reflection questions lead readers to assess how they can apply these concepts to their own programs.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Antique Doll Collector Magazine; Subscribe online and Happy Fathers' Day!

I've added something new, and will also add it to my other blogs.  You will see on this blog the July Cover of Antique Doll Collector Magazine, with the caption inviting you to subscribe.  It is easy to do, and they will take PayPal, which is even easier.  Antique Dolls show they don't slouch when it comes to  modern social media and technology.  It's now easier than ever to keep up with the exciting world of antique dolls and doll collecting, including vintage dolls, auction information, doll show information and more!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hibiscus, also for Dr. E's Greening Tips

I usually share posts relating to flowers from Logee's on my green blog, but the black hat seo issues have stymied me, so until I restructure it, here goes:


At Logee's, we offer many rare and hard-to-find plants. Many of these are web store exclusives because we don't have sufficient stock to offer them in the catalog. Now is a great time to buy these unusual specimens. Hurry! Sale ends June 24, 2015.
Note: To receive these special prices you must put the first item into your shopping cart, then enter "EMAIL" as the promotional code and click "Apply Key Code".
Big Sale At Logee's Plants For Home & Garden
Hibiscus 'Peggy Hendri' 
(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid) 
Large, fully-double, butter-yellow blossoms adorn this vigorous hybrid. 'Peggy Hendri' is an everblooming hibiscus and it prefers full sun for maximum flowering. Grows 2-4' tall in containers.  4" pot.
R1325-4  Reg. $16.95    
Sale: $12.95
Passion Flower
'La Lucchese'  
(Passiflora hybrid)
Large, 4" flowers with long, delicate, light purple petals and frilly banded filaments make 'La Lucchese' outstanding in the world of passion flowers. The fragrant flowers will delight you. 2.5" pot. 
R2473-2 Reg. $12.95          
Sale: $8.95
Lion's Ears 
(Leonotis leonurus)
Young plants reach full maturity as summer wanes and they burst forth in a blizzard of orange tufts that form all along the stems. Its growth rate is astounding when given full sun and lots of water and fertilizer. An impressive fall bloomer. 2.5" pot.
R1406-2  Reg. $9.95             
Sale: $6.95
Hibiscus 'Rim of Fire'  
(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)
Large 8" blooms have red-and-white color splashes throughout the flower with a slight blush of yellow. 'Rim of Fire' makes an ideal container plant for the summer patio or garden.
4" pot.
R1687-4 Reg. $17.95      
Sale: $12.95
Fig 'Desert King' 
(Ficus carica)
The delicious yellowish-green figs have sweet, strawberry-colored centers and they are larger than most figs (about the size of an extra-large egg). 'Desert King' produces two crops of figs a year: one in mid-summer and another in fall.
4" pot.
R2173-4 Reg. $17.95     

Sale: $12.95
Mussaenda 'Double Red' 
(Mussaenda hybrid)
Often called a "show stopper," this vigorous mussaenda flowers during the long days of the summer and the blooms seem to go on forever.  Although it's not a true double flower, the large red bracts have a very full form.  4" pot.
R2331-4 Reg. $19.95  
Sale: $14.95
Dutchman's Pipe 'Brasiliensis'  
(Aristolochia gigantea) 
One of the most outrageous flowers in the world, this species of Dutchman's Pipe has huge flowers over 10" in length. Each flower displays an intricate pattern of mottled reddish-brown and white. Draw close and smell its lemon scent. 4" pot
R1298-4 Reg. $14.95
Sale: $9.95
Hibiscus 'Blueberry Thrill' 
(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid) 
Here's a real charmer for your hibiscus collection. 'Blueberry Thrill' has bluish-purple flowers with pink-orange petal edges and a deep purple throat. The 5-6" blooms may be single or double and last 2 full days. 4" pot.
R1860-4 Reg. $17.95           
Sale: $12.95
Lipstick Plant 'Rigel'  
(Aeschynanthuys hybrid)
Rare and hard-to-find, 'Rigel' has a compact, spreading form that creates a full specimen with an outrageous display of neon orange blooms. This stunning hybrid will enliven any container.  2.5" pot.
T5005-2 Reg. $12.95      
Sale: $9.95
Hibiscus Klahanie'Maria Montessori' p.p.  
(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)
Large, fully double, 5-6" flowers have orange centers and yellow outer petals. The Klahanie hibiscus have been hybridized so the flowers last 2-3 days instead of the usual
24 hours. 4" pot.
R2376-4 Reg. $17.95            
Sale: $12.95
Begonia 'Iron Cross' 
(Begonia masoniana)
This New Guinea begonia species is a must for any indoor collection. The green leaves have a pebbled texture and sport chocolate-brown markings resembling the German Iron Cross. This handsome specimen grows
8-12" in a container. 2.5" pot.
B3011-2 Reg. $9.95     
Sale: $6.95 
'Pixie Queen'

(Bougainvillea hybrid)
Nearly a constant bloomer, 'Pixie Queen' has bright pink flower clusters that are enhanced by the vibrant variegated foliage. More of a shrub than a vine, 'Pixie Queen' is easily shaped and grown as a potted plant for the patio or home.
2.5" pot.
R2234-2  Reg. $9.95         
Sale: $6.95
Angel's Trumpet 'Variegata' 
(Brugmansia suaveolens)
This unique Angel's Trumpet has everything the gardener wants: gorgeous, 1' long, pure white flowers, nighttime fragrance and variegated foliage. 'Variegata' makes an unusual specimen for the garden or large container.
R1114-4 Reg. $17.95       
Sale: $14.95
Kumquat 'Nordmann Seedless Nagami' 
(Fortunella margarita)
Seedless kumquats are hard to find.  'Nordmann Seedless Nagami' has teardrop shaped fruit that's tart and juicy with a flavor similar to regular Nagami. Kumquat fruit is meant to be eaten skin and all for a sweet/tart taste. 4" grafted plant blooms sooner. 
C2054-4G Reg. $29.95          
Sale: $19.95
Angel's Trumpet 'Pink' 
(Brugmansia x insignis)
The large 8-10" fragrant flowers bloom in succession throughout the summer months. The flowers are pale pink changing to salmon-pink at the petals' edge. This is one of the easiest Angel's Trumpets to bring into flower. 4" pot.
R1110-4  Reg. $17.95    
Sale: $14.95
'Lantern Alata' 
(Nepenthes hybrid)
Smaller than Nepenthes 'Miranda,' Tropical Pitcher Plant 'Lantern Alata' has long, narrow foliage that's highlighted by a colorful reddish tint. Stocky red pitchers measure
6-8" long and each has an attached cap.  4" pot.
R9648-4  Reg. $19.95    
Sale: $14.95
Hibiscus Klahanie 'Isabella' p.p. 
(Hibsicus rosa-sinensis hybrid)
Large, impressive orange flowers have vibrant red throats and a slight ruffle at the petals' edge. 'Isabella' is free-blooming as a summer container plant. The Klahanie hibiscus have been hybridized so the flowers last 2-3 days instead of the usual 24 hours. 4" pot.
R2377-4 Reg. $17.95          
Sale: $14.95
Begonia 'Froggy' 
(Begonia rex hybrid)
This compact begonia makes an excellent container plant for the windowsill or small space garden.  The green-to-bronze leaves have unusual black netting highlights.  Pure white flowers bloom in winter.  2.5" pot.
B3256-2  Reg. $10.95    
Sale: $8.95
Salvia 'Black & Blue' 
(Salvia guaranitica)
Winter hardy to zone 6, Salvia 'Black & Blue' has deep blue flowers with dark black calyxes. Its upright spiking habit makes a good addition to the summer garden where it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  2.5" pot.
H8326-2 Reg. $7.95    
Sale: $5.95
Fuzzy-Flowered Hoya 
(Hoya boutii)
Clusters of fuzzy, cream-colored flowers marked with maroon centers adorn this vining plant from the Philippines. The solid green leaves and vine are thinner than most hoyas but it's a vigorous grower. Blooming occurs from spring into summer. This rare hoya is a must-have for any collector.  2.5" pot.
R2834-2 Reg.  $14.95 
Sale: $9.95
Passion Flower 'Betty Myles Young' 
(Passiflora hybrid)
You'll want this passion flower for its color, fragrance and ability to bloom reliably. 'Betty Myles Young' flowers in the garden from spring to fall. The purple sepal has a blush of dusky blue and the corolla has a defined band of dark purple and white. 2.5" pot.
R1792-2 Reg. $12.95      
Sale: $7.95
Begonia 'Raspberry Swirl' p.p
(Begonia rex hybrid)
At the edge of the leaf you'll find silver and green; at the heart of the leaf there's a rich raspberry-red color. The spiraling leaves produce an almost whirlpool effect which the eye finds irresistible.  2.5" pot.
B3042-2 Reg. $8.95    
Sale: $5.95
South African Jasmine
(Jasminum angulare)
Flowering during the summer months, South African Jasmine has pure white, star-shaped flowers that are divinely fragrant. It has a compact, vining growth habit making it the perfect jasmine for a small space garden. 2.5" pot.
R1925-2 Reg. $10.95  
Sale: $7.95
Cape Primrose
'Midnight Flame' 
(Streptocarpus hybrid)
Flowering for nearly 10 months of the year, Cape Primrose 'Midnight Flame' adds rich red color to your indoor garden. Grow in indirect light and temperatures above 50°F for best results.  2.5" pot.
T5044-2 Reg. $9.95      
Sale: $5.95

Big Sale At Logee's Plants For Home & Garden
Note: To receive these special prices you must put the first item into your shopping cart, then enter "EMAIL" as the promotional code and click "Apply Key Code".
In order to receive these same great prices in our walk-in store, please bring the below coupon with you.
Offer ends June 24, 2015.

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