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Helen and Teacher
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OBITUARY Dr. Regina Holmen Fryxell, - Quad-Cities Online: Obituaries

OBITUARY Dr. Regina Holmen Fryxell, - Quad-Cities Online: Obituaries

One of my piano teachers.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Doll Collecting at About.com Free Newsletter

Autumn is here! Doll Events Abound
This past couple of weeks alone, there was  a Pullip Convention, two Theriault's Rendezvous auctions with another this Monday, many art fairs, and new dolls like Disney Descendant's, more Halloween and Fall dolls, including Annalee at Marshall's, Holiday Barbies 2015, and new promotions from Madame Alexander, Tonner, and American Girl. Think about scarecrows and dried apple faced dolls as you doll shop for new additions.  What was your best yard sale find of this past season?  Let me know for a series of new posts.  Happy collecting!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
A 300+ Year Old Doll House Still with its Family
Ann Sharp's Baby House may be my all time favorite doll house, except for mine, of course! Read about Ann's house, and the micromini room it inspired.
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An Eclectic Collection; It Really is a Small, Doll World
My friend Caroline is an artist, weaver, and doll collector.  She has one of the most eclectic collections I have ever seen, and she is very generous with them, too.  Next week, I'll share a gallery of her dolls.
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Bright, Shiny Objects and Doll Bling
Idols and dolls of many type existed in ancient America, as toys, art, precious gold/silver objects, and religious statues. Here is an update, just in time for fall and September, still doll collecting month.
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Dolls by Marian Hu Designs and Seymour Mann
A reader inspire me to create this post, about two very popular lines of collectible dolls of the 90s and novelist Erica Jong's parents!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Orchids from Dr. E's Greening Tips Blog, too

Fruiting, Rare and Tropical Plants
Growers Since 1892

Grow Easy Blooming Orchids - on Sale Now


Orchid growing has become a popular gardening hobby since many varieties of orchids have unusual bloom colors and long-lasting flowers. Some are highly fragrant as well.
Hurry! Sale ends Sept 23, 2015. 

Note: To receive these special prices you must put the first item into your shopping cart, then enter "EMAIL" as the promotional code and click "Apply Key Code".
Blc Orchid Blanche Aisaka 'Yuki' FCC/AOS  
(Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya hybrid)
These spectacular blooms are very large and have a fragrance that's reminiscent of gardenia. The white flowers have attractive red-lavender lips, and they received the First Class Certificate (FCC) from the American Orchid Society.  This is the highest flower quality award given to an orchid.
See for yourself!  
A2623-4 Reg. $24.95        
Sale: $19.95 
Orchid Myst
This ready-to-use nutrient solution replicates how an orchid receives fertilizer in the natural environment. Simply mist the leaves and exposed roots once or twice a week. It acts as a fertilizer, growth enhancer and plant tonic. Includes mineral and organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic and fulvic acids and pure plant oils. 300 ml bottle. 
K7267 Reg. $14.95          
Sale: $12.95
Cattleya Orchid Hagan's Ace 'Mandarin Orange' 
(Cattleya hybrid)
This exclusive George Hausermann cattleya orchid was bred as a cut flower variety for maximum bloom size and "wow" factor. The large 5-6" fragrant flowers have salmon-orange petals and vibrant magenta lips.  There are often 4-5 large flowers on the initial spike with flowers lasting 3-4 weeks. Tends to bloom in spring and fall.  4" pot.
A2617-4  Reg. $29.95        
Sale: $24.95
Potinara Orchid (San Damaino x C. Chocolate Drop) 'Doris'
(Potinara hybrid)
Fragrant, red-orange flowers have thick, waxy petals and 5-7 blooms per spike. The flowers usually last 4 weeks. It blooms in both spring and fall if grown in good light. This new introduction is award quality.
4" pot. 
A2615-4 Reg. $19.95   
Sale: $14.95
Lc Orchid Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS
(Laelia x Cattleya hybrid)
Attractive splash petals are light lavender with purple and light yellow flares. The 4" blooms are fragrant and usually last 4 weeks.  This fall bloomer has 3-5 flowers per spike on compact plants that are ideal for a windowsill or light garden.  4" pot.
A2608-4  Reg. $24.95  
Sale: $19.95
Coconut Orchid 
(Maxillaria tenuifolia)
Transport yourself to the tropics with the intense coconut fragrance emanating from the Maxillaria flowers. The spring bloom season is February to May. Star-shaped, rust-orange blossoms appear within the foliage, not on flower spikes. This easy-to-grow orchid is a must for orchid collectors.  4" pot.
A2583-4  Reg. $19.95  
Sale: $14.95
Potinara Orchid Twenty First Century 'New Generation' 
(Potinara hybrid)
Large, 5-6" flower are lavender with a vibrant red lip adorned with yellow highlights. This compact cattleya hybrid only grows 12" tall and the flowers have a pleasing fragrance. 'New Generation' usually blooms in spring with 2-3 large flowers per spike.  4" pot.
A2613-4 Reg. $19.95     
Sale: $14.95
Variegated Phalaenopsis 'Coffey'
(Phalaenopsis hybrid) 
This rare mini orchid has unusual variegated leaves with green centers and creamy yellow edges.  Spikes of pinkish-purple flowers often have 7-10 blooms per spike once the plant is mature.  It has a tendency to double spike, which creates a sensational floral show.  2.5" pot.
A2601-2  Reg. $29.95   
Sale: 24.95
Potinara Orchid Coral Gold 'Pacific Rainbow' CR/HOS 
(Potinara hybrid)
The tri-colored, splash flowers have white and yellow petals edged in pink with contrasting red lips and yellow highlights. The 4" flowers have a light cattleya fragrance and usually bloom in both spring and fall if grown in good light. 4" pot.
A2604-4 Reg. $24.95    
Sale: $19.95
Large and Small
Humidity Trays
Orchids need added humidity to grow and thrive. These Humidity Trays are an easy solution. Excess water drains into the tray below and as it evaporates, it generates added humidity to keep plants healthy.  The Small Humidity Tray measures 10" x 13" x 2" deep. The Large Humidity Tray measures
10" x 26" x 2" deep.
KS7399 Small Tray Reg. $24.95 Sale: $19.95
KS7375 Large Tray Reg. $39.95  Sale: $34.95
Dyna-Gro GROW Plant Food
This liquid formulation is a fully balanced (7-9-5) fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and several trace minerals.  Easy-to-use, just add to water and apply. Helps plants grow and bloom to their fullest potential.
16 fl oz bottle
K7348 Reg. $14.95  
Sale: $12.95
Dtps Orchid Didier Beaullit
(Phalaenopsis hybrid)
Vibrant yellow blooms have deep burgundy spots on the petals and lip. Like all Phalaenopsis, it's a reliable bloomer for even beginning orchid growers. Flowering spikes often have 7-9 long-lasting blooms that hold on the plant for 2-3 months.  4" pot.
A2619-4 Reg. $19.95  
Sale: $14.95
Odcdm Orchid Catatante 'Pacific Sunspots' 
(Odontoglossum x Oncidium hybrid)
Easy-to-grow for even beginning orchid enthusiasts, 'Pacific Sunspots' has long, branching spikes of 2" pumpkin-orange flowers. There are dozens of flowers per spike and flower often last 4-6 weeks.  4" pot.
A2622-4 Reg. $24.95   
Sale: $19.95
Windowsill Humidity Tray
Ideal for small orchids that need extra humidity to thrive.  Plants sit on the upper grid platform and excess water drains into the tray below.  As the water evaporates, it generates humidity for plants. Brown polystyrene tray measures 26" L x 6.5" W x 2.25" deep. Base of the tray measures 3.5" so it fits on most windowsills.
K7315 Reg. $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Potinara Orchid Hsiying Pachi Pachi 'Carmela' HCC/AOS 
(Potinara hybrid)
Large, 6" flowers are clear yellow with orange highlights in the fringed yellow lip. Blooms have a delightful rose fragrance. This compact cattleya grows 10" tall and performs well on a windowsill or light garden. Blooms in spring and summer. 
4" pot.
A2612-4 Reg. $24.95  
Sale: $19.95
Grow Chamber
Here's a product to protect plants from cold weather and provide over 18 sq ft of additional growing space. Four tiers of wire shelves have approximately 15" of headroom between shelves. The tubular steel frame assembles easily without tools. Includes 3 removable covers: a clear plastic cover with double zipper for easy access to plants, a shade cover for summer growing and a flower forcing cover. Overall measurements:
63" h x 27" w x 19" deep.
KS7400 Reg. $69.95  
Sale: $59.95
Blc Orchid Hawaii Stars 'Pink Lace'
(Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya hybrid)
One of the most fragrant orchids we grow, 'Pink Lace' has a pronounced, pastel pink, decorative lip highlighting the white petals. The 3-4" flowers appear in clusters on the spike. It tends to bloom in both fall and spring if grown in good light.  This compact cattleya hybrid is a good candidate for a windowsill or light garden.  4" pot.
A2618-4 Reg. $24.95    
Sale: $19.95
Oxford Plant Stand
Tall and dramatic, this filigreed metal plant stand has 3 hinged panels (52" tall, 48" tall and 42" tall) that provide 6 tiers of plants spaced in a graceful flowing pattern. Each panel holds 2 large pot holders for 6" pots. The Oxford Plant Stand has a powder-coated antique finish and metal feet for stability. 
KS7387 Reg. $169.95   
Sale: $159.95

Tips to Re-Bloom your Cattleya hybrid Orchids
* Cattleya orchids grow from rhizomes with the newest growth creating the next flowers.
* Grow in some direct sunlight or provide high lumen, orchid specific indoor lighting. High light levels are essential to the formation of new flower buds.
* Allow the potting media to dry between waterings then thoroughly saturate the media and allow it to drain.  Do not allow an orchid plant to sit in a saucer of water.  Orchids should be grown on humidity trays for best results.