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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Peace in 2016, and thanks to my friend Mikki who sent me this image:

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Christmas Week Newsletter! Free

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Christmas Week Newsletter! Free: Cloud Pets join the "Cloud" By the time you read this, Christmas 2015 will be a memory, and we will be on the 3d or 4th day of ...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice, also for Dr. E's Greening Tips for the Common Person- A work of Fiction

It is the Solstice; Blessed Be!

I look forward to the growing light, even as I sometimes wish I could walk towards it.  Two more good friends have done just that, and to Cleo and Dominic, I say, Rest in Peace, and I miss you.hey
This is by far the saddest, most dismal Christmas I've experienced, when even my mother's spirit can't boost me.  Few decorations, no festivity, no gifts, no nice meal, and a lot of unhappy people, most very elderly.  They all fall to me.

At home, there is utter lawlessness, and an out of control child who doesn't respect me, and his father encourages them.  My in-laws are about to celebrate the Felloni Family Christmas, where my drunk, promiscuous sister in law and her Neanderthal husband dominate any family gatherings. We, who have not ties with excons, dope fiends, drunks, prostitutes, or others who live such virtuous lives, are "banned from her house", which is really my father in law's house, but who's counting?

Manga, Manga!

Mas Pronto, por favor!

My gifts were returned in the past, and the genetic defects they call children only cater to greed;they quit believing in Santa before they could walk.  They ipads, iphones, ithis, and ihtat literally fly at them, and the gift cards and big checks stuff the pockets of their expensive kiddie jeans to overflowing.  And my inlaws have to beg them to take them!

My neighbor and I baked Saturday, and some were my mother's recipes.  That's when my family lives again.  No one at my house appreciated it, and my Dad's gift is to make the holidays as miserable as he is.  It's his hobby; he used to write his own carols, e.g., "Rudolph the Goddamned Reindeer . . ."  You get the idea.

My dear husband's epithet for me is "Jerk."  As a special treat, he and his industrious son, a true Agent for Entropy, might pick up the boxer shorts I bought them off the floor.

My little kittens are my joy; they love me, and why not?  But for the litter box, I do it all.  I do buy the litter and food for everyone most of the time.  The litter gives me asthma, but I'll have to do it.  Last night's episode of cleaning closets gave me another attack, and I know my Oxygen levels are low.  With that and my stomach, well; it's a matter of time.  Then what will they all do?

So, the solstice has come, and I recommend a few books, "Every which way but Wiccan," "Winter Solstice," and "The Rag Bone Man."  They are on Amazon; Google titles.  My treat will be "A Banquet of Consequences," and probably the poached eggs I usually have, a la Barbara Pym.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Memories are made of These; a Newsletter

Dancing Divas from Degas, The Master
Appropriately enough, "Rudolph" is playing on TV as I type;the toys just finished singing on the Island of Misfit Toys.  I hope this Christmas you find several dolls you want under the tree, and that you are able to give a few dolls to charity, too.  Towards the end of adding to your collection, Theriault's is holding another Rendezvous Auction this Monday.   Alexander and Tonner also continue to offer special deals, and there are lots of wonderful dolls on Ruby Lane, Doll Shops United, Ebay, Etsy, and more. Remember to write to me at etsag1998@aol.com, and let me know what your doll wants are in 2016!  Happy collecting!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Dancing Divas from Degas, The Master  
What do French Bebes and a classic Degas sculpture in bronze have in common? Their characteristics melded when Degas created The Little Dancer.
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Party Girls, Bakers, and Doll Thrift from three Favorite Makers  
Here are some news bytes from three beloved and popular American doll makers.
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xmas pins
The Hallmark of Good Collectors; Ornament Collectors' Club  
Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments and Dolls go Hand in Hand
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Antiques, Dolls and Miniatures, DooDads, DooDads . .  
Jennifer keeps her cool and is always nice to everyone, no matter how long the lines or how chaotic the crowd might be.
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Newlsetter on Dolls, Shirley Temple's Charm Bracelets, Black Friday and Xmas 2015 and More

The Holidays are Here! Let the Doll Games Begin!
Welcome to Black Friday; hope you are taking advantage of the Doll Deals!  American Girl, Madame Alexander, and Tonner all have specials.  Amazon and Ebay have deals that could be used with dolls.  Below are some updated articles and new posts on shops, dolls in literature, dolls in Thanksgiving, and the latest Shirley Temple auction.  There will be more on Raggedies, dolls in books, and dolls for the holidays next week.  Those who love mystery, Patricia Cornwell's latest thriller, "Depraved Heart" opens featuring Lucy's teddy bear named Mr. Pickle.  Happy Collecting!  Remember I love to hear from you; write to etsag19998@aol.com for doll prices, selling tips, to share stories of your dolls and more.  Also, check us out on Facebook, Pinterest All About Doll Collecting, Twitter, and more!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Shop Blossoms with Antiques and Dolls  
Antique shop features dolls and doll related items for collectors in several venues. Read more about my favorite place, Vintage Rose, home of wonderful dolls and antiques.
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Late 17th, early 18th C. wooden Doll
More Poppets ahd Pilgrims: The Series  
A doll plays a pivotal role in The Witch of Blackbird Pond. This is one of the last articles in the series on this book that mentions poppets and alludes to pastimes for children in Puritan times.
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cloth dolls thanksgiving
For Thanksgiving, a Novel that Discusses a Doll  
Without dolls and toys to play with, Puritan girls found other ways to amuse themselves that sometimes led to disaster. Read more on "The Witch of Blackbird Pond."
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silver charms
Charming Jewelry for a Charming Girl  
Shirley Temple favored unusual charm bracelets in gold and silver. Charms have a rich history and are often tiny dolls or miniature objects perfect for doll houses!
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Estate Dolls
Estate Dolls : Review for Estate Sale Season  
Read about one way to sell dolls, and learn some tips for sales you might visit this winter.
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: A Holiday Special!!!

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: A Holiday Special!!!: Here is an opportunity to take advantage of a wonderful Holiday Special, see below!  Antique Doll Collector is the best publication on antiq...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quick Holiday Meal Tips and Snacks, also for Dr. E's Greening Tips

The Holidays are upon us.  Frankly, I no longer celebrate.  Those in my family who loved these things are dead, and the sick games my siblings in law play don't interest me.  We are more or less banished by the desperate housewife brigade known as my husband's family.  God help all of us, but it is what it is.

People joked that I was the Festival of Trees all by myself, but now, my treasured ornaments are crammed in boxes, some broken carelessly by others who don't respect my space or my things, others sold or given away.  I don't have any tree, and of my 30 some Nativity Sets, some antique and very unusual, none see the light of day.   We don't have a nice meal of any kind, and I have no time to bake or make presents.  I have not time for anything but taking care of other people and their problems, and taking the blame for them.

Enough vetching.  Bah Humbug, and Ho Ho Ho!!

Here are some quick tips for meal ideas, for people who have to work, or have no time and a lot of people to deal with.

You don't have to do a lot of mixing and baking, etc to feed a hungry crew.  Sure, we can make things ahead of time, but it's nice to take advantage of what's in the store to keep a few ready to eat things on hand.

Aldi, and other discount groceries also have special things this time of year.  Brands like Culinary Circle and President's choice make decent brie and parmesan cheeses.   These are good just cut up with Wasa crackers, Melba Toast, or Ritz, any crackers.  Brie is good with plain shredded wheat, too.  As Mr. Food used to say, any brands are fine.

A la my idol, Barbara Pym, a few hard boiled eggs on hand go a long way, and can be deviled or made into egg salad.  Aldi sells it's own very good chicken salad, or you cam make your own with canned chicken, or roast or boiled chicken.  Many grocery stores sell rotisserie chicken already baked, and it makes a great meal by itself.

Making up a pot of chili or soup isn't a bad idea, and there are many mixes available that make this possible even for those who don't cook.   Or, make your own homemade soup, and create a stock using turkey bones, vegetables, and herbs.   Any decent cookbook or site has directions.  For all of these ideas, locate any edition of the Joy of Cooking, and have fun!

A variety of pastas sprinkled with grated cheese and butter are always good.  So are cut up vegetables and dip, mock or real crab, as is or in dips, cans of smoked oysters, kippers, or boiled shrimp.

A few servings of the above with fresh grapes, cut up pomegranates or other fruits make a light meal that guests can help themselves to.

One of my friends used to make surprisingly good dip of cream cheese blended with ketchup, that's it.  Dried French onion soup and sour cream is my favorite.  Easy guacamole with avocado, salsa, lemon juice, sour cream and mayo is also good.  I blend the sour cream, may, and a little cream cheese [whipped] with sesame seeds, a drop of sesame oil and soy sauce for Asian dip.  Chopped up scallions or baby canned shrimp make the Asian dip even better.

Take advantage of all the varieties of nuts and peanuts out there, shelled and otherwise, of the cookie trays, candies, dried fruit, fresh fruit and other items set out. If you eat meat, there are lots of cold cuts and cheeses available in the deli section that make good quick meals.  Keurig also has soup cups, and lots of cocoa and other hot drinks.

Have a few extra bottles of soda, a few good bottles of wine or some micro-brew beer, and , and you have some quick meals and snacks available for family and guests who drop in.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Rare Plant Sale, also for Dr. E's Greening! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!


Save 20% at Logee's from "Black Friday" through 'Cyber Monday" November 27-30, 2015. Shop Small Business Saturday, November 28, encourages people to shop from small businesses. As a family-run nursery, we wouldn't be here without your business. Thank you. In appreciation you can Save 20% off any items of your choice (excluding gift certificates) from Friday, November 27 through Monday, November 30 at midnight. This sale is for in-stock items only. (Backordered items are not part of this sale.) 
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Here are a few plants and plant accessories to consider:

Christmas Cactus
'Thor Britt'
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Desert Rose
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Cattleya Orchid Hagan's Ace 'Mandarin Orange'
Christmas Cactus
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Ivy Holiday Tree

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Happy Planting,