Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Old Calendar Christmas Eve and Mardigras- Pure Fiction

It is Christmas Eve in Russia by the old Calendar, and Mardis Gras looms ahead.  The Felloni family is preparing to celebrate the latter.  The Myopic and sour Anacondi Felloni, was chosen as attendant to the aging Mardi Gras king!  What to do?  The old Fart has already tried to grope her, though a good back hand set him straight.  Anacondi, who could double for Eliza of The Wild Thornberries, is the apple of her mother's, Aunt Zima's eyes, that is, if Zima were sober enough to notice.  Daddy Vito Felloni is proud of his offspring, his name sake, Bitty Vito, heir to the Felloni fortune just graduated 8th grade at only age 17, a new Felloni Record!  All of Zima's current and former boyfriends will be present, along with Sugar Daddy See! There just might be a baby in the kingcake for them! Let's hear it for Mardi Gras!  Anacondi will be wearing her mother's bead collection, earned diligently through many MG expositions, and the digital cameras will be snapping away in for a feature in the Daily Rag, where the sun picks up the glint of coke bottle glasses and serious oral hardware, and toasts are made with cocktails of Zima and Geritol!  Hip, Hip, Hooray for mediocre C students and more, who hope to become surgeons!  Translate, cake decorator and Head Piggly Wiggly Meat Slicer, and let's hope that overhauled, handmedown, JC prom dress fits!!

Note:  This is a work of Fiction, and Flash Fiction at that.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.  If the Mardis Gras crown fits, well, too bad :)

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