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Helen and Teacher
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Memoirs of Titanic and Dolls

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Unsinkable Dollies
This week, we talk about Disaster Dolls, including Titanic related dolls and other items.  These survivor dolls are silent witnesses to their owners and creators, and serve as reminders of the artistic human spirit.
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Unsinkable Dollies
Dolls and Disasters seem to go hand in hand. Read about dolls that were witness to man made and natural disasters.
Halopeau: Rare, Pricey, Engaging!
Read about Barrois' successor who only made exquisite dolls for a limited period of time.
American Carved Wooden Doll
This artistic carved African American Wooden Doll is bound to steal hearts at auction.
Doll Artists Display and Teach
Read about this years convention of NIADA, the National Institute of American Doll Artists.
"For Goodness, Bake!" says Grace
A Review of Grace's Year as The New American Girl.  This is an updated article featuring a doll that encourages young girls to give back to their community and to engage in good works.  Dolls lead by example!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sample Cover Letter: Tips for Writing a Cover Letter Template

Sample Cover Letter: Tips for Writing a Cover Letter Template

Above is a good sample to use, even if you are sending material to a publisher.

From One of My Honor Societies

I have belonged to Phi Bet Kappa since College; don't agree with them on everything, but their latest newsletter has some interesting things in it:

State of the Arts & Sciences: April 2015 
More Coverage Starts to Bloom 
CNN host Fareed Zakaria’s new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, has generated positive coverage of the liberal arts and sciences in the popular media this spring. Highlights include ABC’s “This Week,” the Washington Post’sWhat the Liberal in Liberal Arts Actually Means,” The New York Times' “Starving for Wisdom,” and The Daily Beast’sDoes College Have a Future After All?

How does Zakaria’s case for the value of liberal education compare with our Arts & Sciences Are Key Toolkit? Share your thoughts here.
The Art & Science of Freedom
Image  of Frederick Douglass
As lawmakers across the country debate the purpose of higher education, it is worth noting that Frederick Douglass (article by E. Thomas Finan) and Martin Luther King Jr. (article by Scott Newstok, ΦBK member and Past President of Rhodes College’s Gamma Chapter) had clear thoughts about the value of the liberal arts and sciences.
Reflections by Douglass and King serve as powerful reminders for today’s educators, students, and policymakers about the continued importance of a well-rounded education.
Image courtesy of the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
Make a Difference This Month: Poetry and Astronomy  
Stars  and Quote from Sarah Williams poem
April is National Poetry Month and Global Astronomy Month. Show your support for the arts and sciences by taking part in activities all month long.
For example, tweet a poem to your legislators on April 30 using the hashtag #pocketpoem to call attention to the importance of humanities funding. Watch and share this video to help celebrate and promote astronomy.

Key Notes
An Excellent Adventure
On April 2, Phi Beta Kappa honored the University of Miami's Office of Civic & Community Engagement with our Key of Excellence Award in Coconut Grove, Florida. Check out key moments from the event here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

An Apologia for Countess Erzebet Bathory: Brief Review of "Wolf Hall."

An Apologia for Countess Erzebet Bathory: Brief Review of "Wolf Hall.": Personally, I have not read either of the books the series is based on, but I will say the acting is very good, as are the costumes, and rea...

More interesting reading, Kimberly Craft's Letters of Erzebet Bathory.  Too bad we don't have many letters left of Anne Boleyn; most were destroyed, and Anne was left out of Ives' History of England, 1543.  The only Anne Boleyn named was her Aunt.

Photo is from Lady Antonia Fraser, Dolls, doll belonging to Alica Boleyn, Anne's niece.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Newsletter Doll Collecting because Dolls Create Memories, too

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Newsletter for April 6th! Temple, Tonner, More!
Read more Tonner News and Shirley Temple Auction news below. Look for a coming press release from Theriault's about the Shirley auction in July.  Happy Easter, Orthodox Easter  and a Blessed Passover to all who celebrate!
Tonner 2015
One of the most versatile and beloved doll makers announces it's annual convention, 2015 events, and 2015 collection. Go,Tonner!
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Profile: Roxanna Maria Doll Artist
Roxanna Maria Originals, dolls that Awe, Inspire, and Teach!
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Shirley Temple Auction July 2015
Shirley Temple's personal collection of dolls and movie memorabilia goes to auction in July 2015.
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Send in the Clowns
Clowns are among my favorite dolls; maybe these wonderful examples will make believers of more people.
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Madame Alexander Doll Types
Social Media and Doll Collectors
Eight hard plastic dolls
Christmas Dolls
International Costume Dolls
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