Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Physical Art of Handwriting; Some Thoughts

It's a shame so many schools no longer teach cursive writing.  Think about it; we are depriving our kids of the pleasures of writing the capital S's, G,s and L's in cursive, again to line drawing or contour drawing, similar to the ampersand and Treble Clef in drawing pleasure.  Each writer writes as uniquely as his fingerprint leaves images on objects.  Calligraphers and sign painters who do lettering know the beauty of physical writing, as well as the near mathematical precision.  Think the illuminated letters on The Book of Kells and other manuscripts.  Handwriting analysis proves the uniqueness of our own penmanship, and beautiful penmanship gracing old letters is itself a visual treat.  I have terrible handwriting, but I appreciate it. It's mine.  My penmanship tells my life story, and I never got carpal tunnel from it as I did from typing.  I love following the curves of small a's, and the tiny curves on b's and capital Ps.  I love handwriting notes in Spanish, too.  I studied a little Mandarin in college, and was intrigued by how the characters were brushstroked.  Creating a certain signature is also a pleasure, on that is lost for many kids today.

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