Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Night and 60 Mins

Lately, I've been thinking a lot of "Our Town" and Emily's wish to go back to earth for just one more day, one more ordinary day with her family.  I often want that, just one more ordinary day with my mother, and my dad, the way things used to be.  We'd watch "Dragnet", or "Hec Ramsey," or "Dirty Sally," and I liked baking chocolate chip cookies.

Mom made orzo soup, or we ordered Harris pizza as a treat, with mushroom being my favorite. Usually, my homework was finished.  Before I had my dogs, Killer and Smokey, I might ride my bike in summer, or catch "The Wonderful World of Walt Disney."

If we had been to church, we ate out at Bishops Buffet.  Without fail, I had creamed chicken.  The first or last Sunday, we went to flea markets after lunch.  Then, I did my math homework.

When I was very little, I might get to watch "Bonanza" or "To Rome, with Love", then I took a bath.  For years, I associated the them from "Bonanza" with bubble bath scent.  I feel asleep to Tom Jones singing; my folks use to listen to him  sing on his TV show after "Bonanza".

Later, after I came home from school, we went out to Sunday brunch, and drove to flea markets or antique malls for short day strips.  The three of us could be very impulsive, and if weather permitted, Smokey dog would come with us, a puppy born to the open road.

Those were innocent times, and they seemed to go on forever.   Sundays have become stressful days, now, full of work and constant movement.  It seems to be always cold, and the sun doesn't shine much.  Dad isn't well, and the future is very uncertain.

At this point in my life, when I seem to be equidistant from 30 as from 80, I don't want much.  I just wish I could have one more Sunday with my family,  just one more batch of chocolate chip cookies for the road.

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