Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message from the River

See below; here is a true collector's spirit; how Chad Pegracke started a Message in the Bottle collection from what he gleaned from the Mighty Mississippi: "In my work, I see thousands of plastic bottles out there. But I'm always scanning, looking in every bottle for a piece of paper. You get psyched out a lot because people have stuffed napkins or wrappers in there. You get kind of excited and then, "Oh no." It's the ultimate thing to find out there. When you're working, you don't use that time to open it right then. You put it in (the) boat, think about it and then open it up and read it. There's usually a lot of anticipation for it, especially at a big cleanup. It's a romantic idea. And truthfully, most of them aren't like a treasure map. Usually they're more intimate. ... They're sort of writing to the universe or the one above, just putting their thoughts out there."

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