Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Recipe Book

Good Morning! I am writing/compiling a recipe/craft/puzzle book to sell as a fundraiswer for my school club. We sponsor local charities, contribute to The Sun Valley Indian School, contribute to Doctors without Borders, buy our kids books, professional clothes, etc. I am looking for recipes, easy patterns for any craft, cooking tips, craft tips, stories connected with food and recipes, easy puzzles, "clean jokes," brainsteasers. You may email them to me at the gmail address on this blog. Deadline: I'd like them by February 14th; Valentine's Day. I will email a completed copy to people who contribute. This is a nonprofit project; I make nothing off of it. Anything we make by selling it later in the year goes to my club, called the Legal Studies/Criminal Justice Club. Thank you.

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