Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

17 to 1000 and Patty Smith/Robert Mapplethorpe

We are near 100 viewers on this blog, too! Thanks! Am reading Just Kids, by Patty Smithy, a memoir of her life and her time with Robert Mapplethorpe. Here is a side to the story only found in serious biographies of Mapplethorpe. She was amazing on Sunday Morning; I urge everyone to download the Kindle sample, or go to Sunday Morning on line and catch the interview. She was always known as a good poet, but this is the story of two soulmates, and it is very wholesome, even pure, albeit sad. Interesting words for two 80s icons, I know, but we are not all what our press makes us out to be. It made me feel good to listen to her.

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