Helen and Teacher

Helen and Teacher
The Story of my Life

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sing them Home by Stehpanie Kallos

As inspiration, read this book, which I will put into my second ed;. Doll Bibligraphy as well. Bonnie Jones in the book, seeks objects and bits and pieces of her mother's rescued journals, and catalogs them in notebooks with captions. She is seeking meaning for events in her life, a tornado, her mother's death, her own near demise from the storm. Her sister Larkin is an art history professor, who does the same analyzing ancient and medieval artwork, till she recognizes the similar pallete in a family home and a medieval painting. Then, she sees the importance of her sisters archaeology, and follows suit. There is also an artchtypal quilt, and homesteads viewd as historical sties that tell stories. Read this book if you love memoir and memories matter to you!

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